Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Digital Storytelling

The process of making a digital story seems to cover a number of desirable classroom outcomes such as the entire writing process, searching for materials online, using digital tools such as media creation programs, and encourages a community in the classroom through sharing the final products. After reading the article, "Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives: An Introduction to Digital Storytelling" by David Jakes, I hope to introduce my students to digital stories as part of my English classroom. 

I'm very excited to see a practical and useful digital project that meshes perfectly with the learning requirements for an English class. The writing portion, which requires the full writing process, and the trimming process that reduces a large story to a shorter script, will be very effective in teaching students how to write concisely-- a skill very desirable at the university and professional level. 

Jakes, D. (2006, December 29). Capturing Stories,Capturing Lives. An Introduction to Digital 
Storytelling. In Jakesonline! Digital Storytelling. Retrieved October 11, 2011, from http://www.jakesonline.org/dstory_ice.pdf


  1. I completely agree with the statement you made about concise writing being a skill desired in the professional world. I feel like the earlier children learn to do this the more refined their skills can be and more prepared they become for the real life, that is the goal of an education- be prepared to become a contributing citizen to society.

  2. I think that there are so many ways that you would be able to implement this into your future English class. Students are always yearning for something new instead of the same paper and pen. Digital Storytelling can teach kids the elements of a story such as plot and setting.It can also allow students to tell their story. Students will be able to be creative while still learning. Students would be able to interact with other students another states or countries. The students can even make their own history book.They can tell their own story so that the future generations of children will know what it was like to be a student in that year.